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Uovo, a fine-casual pasta restaurant, serves a thoughtfully curated selection of Italian pasta dishes that feature handmade pasta from our kitchen in Bologna and the very best ingredients from Italy.

Bologna is widely known as the world's epicenter for fresh, handmade pasta. The city is home to Italy's master pasta makers, the women known as "sfogline," whose craft is handed down from generation to generation. The expert sfogline use the age-old and labor-intensive techniques of sheeting and cutting fresh noodles, which results in pasta of unparalleled quality.

The ingredients for making pasta are simple – flour, water, and eggs – so what makes pasta great is not only the expertise of the maker but also the provenance of the ingredients. The quality of pasta from Bologna, prepared with very finely ground semolina flour, mineral-rich water, and intensely colored, farm fresh eggs, is unmatched anywhere in the world.
Uovo Pasta

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