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At Romesco, fresh seasonal ingredients in every dish are mandatory. Mediterranean techniques and authentic recipes combined with Mexican flavors result in a unique and delightful experience for your senses. Our distinguished chef stands for his truthful and simple courses that "emerge right from the heart".

Romesco Baja Med bistro is a hidden culinary gem tucked away in Bonita. Far from complexities, fusions or presumptions, Romesco is dedicated to serving harmonic courses and diverse tapas based on color, taste, texture and aromas. Inside the Restaurant but in a separate room is a Spanish Tapas bar established in April 2009, this is a lively, more casual bar room that stays open long into the night and features Happy Hours from 3-7. This space reflects and inspires a spanish ambiance with surroundings of bullfight paintings and warm dark wood decor. Romesco Baja Med comes from a line of legendary Tijuana Restaurants named Saverios, Casa Plasencia and Caesar's restaurant, among others that the Plascencia family has long been famous for on both sides of the border.

A new concept, Romesco Baja Med Bistro is simple but elegant. It is a casual fine dining space. Just like a traditional Bistro, it is a café bar with a soft French aroma. The atmosphere is pleasant with a predilection for good taste, and a touch of originality, highlighted with a brilliant painting exhibition of the vineyards of the Guadalupe Valley.
Romesco Mex Med Bistro

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